Product Features

Appsociety aims to simplify management of housing society’s day-to-day activities and tasks. It helps both the residents and the managing committee to stay on top of their respective objectives. Go through the product features to know what AppSociety has to offer today:

Society Directory
Get data of all the flats and shops in your housing society from “Society Directory”. A flat or shop or office or any commercial unit or hostel accommodation is called a unit. Each unit has details like current and previous owners, current and previous renters, monthly charges applicable for that unit, vehicles tagged with the unit.
Important Contacts
All important contacts for the benefit of the residents of the housing society has been brought together under “Important Contacts”. Reach out to the manager for adding an important contact to this list. The contacts are divided into logical categories like “Emergency”, “Medical”, “Society”, “Utilities”, etc.
Residents get to readily see their ledgers, bills and also receive those on emails. The managing committee has all the flexibility to manage housing society accounts through this module. Generate bills, maintain ledgers, post expenses, generate trial balance, balance sheet etc. make Online Payments using secure gateways and get instant receipts. Get SMS alerts for all transactions pertaining to your flat/unit.
Notice Board
Notice Board Receive notices instantly from Notice Board. There are two options – Public Notices and My Notices. Public notices apply to all units in the society while My Notice shows only the notices applicable to your Unit.
Member Requests
Notice Board If you have to send a request or complaint or compliment to the managing committee, use the Member Requests option to do so. You will also be able to track the progress of your request and get notifications.