Maintenance Bills

To collect money for maintaining the society building and any common property or facility within the premises, the society should be raising a bill or invoice indicating the charges that every member must pay as their contribution. Frequency of maintenance bills could be monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. Generally the bill is dated on the first day of every period - a month, quarter or half-year. You can decide a due date for members to pay the bill amount before that date to avoid paying interest in the next billing cycle if applicable.

You can generate bills for all the unit in just a click of a button. Maintenance Bills are calculated based on the charges specified in Society Directory and also include arrears if any. Societies who charge interest for non-payment of maintenance charges on or before due date can relax and leave the interest calculation hassle with AppSociety. Interest calculation is automatic and the methodology is configurable as per your society needs.

Once you have checked all the bills, you can simply post the bills to send SMS to all members about the bill amount and due date. You can also send an email with a link to download the copy of the bill.


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