Online Payments

Welcome to Hassle-free maintenance payments! No manual intervention is required when payments are done through AppSociety. AppSociety Payments creates a dedicated payment page for your society and members can use highly trusted payment gateways like RazorPay and Google Pay to make online payments through AppSociety. Payments are settled in T+3 business days cycle but members receive instant receipt upon sucessful payments. And not just this, you are also notified by SMS and Email. Plus our gateway partners run several offers on successful payments which can give you attractive rewards.

Please note that using online payments is not mandatory. No society should enforce this on members. However, there is benefit to both the members and society if members use the Online Payments feature. Members get instant receipt of payment so no need of waiting for the accountant/treasurer/manager to post payments manually and they are assured that their ledgers are updated instantly. Society managing committee is benefitted because there is no delay in posting payments and all ledgers are automatically updated so no manual intervention from anyone.


Forget errors in capturing maintenance, no manual intervention Set up your Society NOW!