AppSociety is a cloud-based software application primarily meant for residential or commercial societies/apartments who are looking to automate manual processes of billing, accounting, engagement, MIS etc. or move from an excel-based system to a full-fledged automated system.

AppSociety can be adopted by any residential or commercial society or apartment in India to smartly manage society related affairs and can be used by the managing team or members of the society.

Your data is absolutely safe with AppSociety till the time you don’t share your credentials with an unknown person. The app is hosted on Google and Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and works on TLS/SSL – the first step towards a secure website. Further the app uses token-based authentication to considerably limit illegal access only in case of credential theft. Users who are registsred on the app must be a member of the society and the ownership of granting access to users lies with the managing committee.

We appreciate you evaluating us as your partner in your journey towards a smart society. Don’t worry about migrating the data you have today. Whether it is available in physical copies or on some other software we can take care of it as long as you can provide it to us. We may come back to you asking for a small sum of money if data migration is going to be completely manual. But that’s fine if you haven’t decided to take our help for this. One more option is that you provide us the data exactly in a specified Excel format and we will import all the data for free. Sounds good?

We leave this on you. There are different types of society committees, some want to do everything by them but there are also committees who need help of a manager or an accountant. So, it is your call. But yes, you don’t need both a manager and an accountant to work on AppSociety. We recommend you to register and experience the app and then decide.

Trust us you don’t need anything like a classroom training or lengthy video tutorials to learn AppSociety. And that is because the product is self explanatory if you know what you need to do. However, there are certain nuances that comes with every product and for that we have resources that you can refer to, once you log in. And yes, we continue to enhance the coverage of all such resources based on feedback from users like you.

Of course, we have a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. In fact, our web app also works charmingly well on the browser of any phone. So, yes, go for it and manage your society with your phone!

Of course, in the end its your data. We will dedicate special time and attention to give you back your data in nicely formatted PDF documents.

We are continuosly adding new features to the app based on your feedback and suggestions. As long as it is not indicated explicitly, everything that’s upcoming is going to a free upgrade/enhancement for an existing subscriber.

We understand pricing matters a lot for deciding a purchase. It is a function of number of units in your society. Please let us know the details of your society by clicking here and we shall get in touch with you. Pricing is per unit per month plus Taxes and subscription is annual.

We would leave no stone unturned to make your experience such that you don’t have to say good-bye, but we know there could be many reasons to part ways. We will refund your entire subscription fees if you ask us to do that anytime within 45 days of paying the subscription fee. No questions asked. However, after the aforesaid 45-day window period we will not be in a position to refund any money. Please also refer to Terms & Conditions here.