Society Billing Software - A Must-Have for Residents

By AppSociety | 2022-06-30

A Society runs on contribution from its members and it is not only moral responsibility of a resident but also a legal mandate that maintenance be paid on time. However, many times due to several reasons, we sometimes miss the dates of paying maintenance bills and other required charges. Then we become liable to pay fine, which is not only extra spend from our side but also difficulty for the managing committee because they may not be able to accumulate required funds if residents don’t pay on time.

Software for society billing includes modules that simplify generating and paying maintenance fees online. A housing society billing app only makes this critical work easier by giving a choice to pay through simple online options like UPI, Credit cards, and Debit Cards. However, this is not the only advantage; there are some others. Automated reminders that you must pay your maintenance bills by the due date is a savior in case you can’t keep up everything with your hectic schedule.

Why Society Billing Software?

You have many things to look upon as a member of society. The best society billing app is designed not just for the management committee but also for resident's convenience. Here are a few reasons why you should have a housing society billing app:

Timely Reminders - The society billing software delivers a timely reminder of maintenance bill dates and other society charges via mail or SMS. This helps residents stay updated with the maintenance schedule.

Digital Payments - The society's billing application allows residents to pay their bills online using their UPI or card details. The feature enables users to pay anytime, anywhere, without visiting the society office and without manual intervention.

Automated Receipts - Now, residents do not have to wait for receipts when they make any payment. The society billing app generates automatic receipts as soon as the user pays the bill. The residents & management have a record of transactions, so there is no chance of misunderstanding and errors.

Access to financial information - As a housing society member, it is crucial to be informed about the meetings, expenses, and facilities. You have the right to inquire about the housing society's financial situation because you are a recognized organization member. The program organizes, tracks, and displays all transactions related to your flat and data on income and expenditure. Such information may be quickly retrieved and aids in preventing financial irregularities.


Society billing software is no doubt a must-have for residents. If you want to choose the best one over so many available options, AppSociety could be your right choice. Specifically designed for residential or commercial societies/apartments, we automate manual procedures of billing, accounting, engagement, MIS, etc. You can contact us anytime in case you have any queries. Visit the Product page to know more.

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