AppSociety: Simple, Secure, and Robust Application That Streamlines Society Management

By AppSociety | 2022-02-01

The rapid urbanization has led to an influx of several new housing societies and gated communities. In recent years, many of these societies and gated communities have started using smartphone-based applications. When it comes to options to choose from, AppSociety is the most advanced community management application.

If your society is still stuck with the old-school concept of manually entering each visit, even with the recent pandemic, now is the right time to switch to AppSociety. With the help of AppSociety, the security team can register and authorize entry for each individual using their smartphone. Most importantly, it allows data access from any time, anywhere.

In addition to providing a smart way to authorize visitors, the app also offers several other features for the benefit of residents. Now, let's consider in detail all the features of the app. Firstly, AppSociety does not sell or trade residents' data, encrypts all data, and is GDPR compliant.

The AppSociety app can be easily accessed from Google Playstore and browser to set up your society. To get started, you need to register your society with your address, PIN code, and city and sign up with your mobile number or email.

Once the AppSociety team has approved your application, you can benefit from all the options available in the application. Not only yourself, but you can also add members of the family to benefit from this app.

Some Key Features of AppSociety

Safety & Security

With the help of AppSociety, the residents of the society can quickly authorize or approve the entry of all types of visitors. Essentially, the app transfers the control to the security team and the residents. While the app users must authorize each visit, it also provides a feature to link daily help to your apartment to avoid authorizing it daily. In addition, users can also enable auto-approval of service delivery managers for services like Blinkit, Zomato, and Swiggy.

Community Management

If you reside in a gated society, you must have experienced various issues on both personal and community levels. For instance, the elevator is not working, or extra electricity charges, or you are looking forward to discussing some business-related matters with the management committee? All this can be done effortlessly with the help of community functionality in the AppSociety app.

Handy Contacts

AppSociety also allows you to find contact details of any nearby service providers in the "Handy Contacts" section. If you need an electrician for a quick repair, you can easily find one immediately on the AppSociety app. In addition, you can also find contact details, free time, and reviews.

Conduct Polls

If you have any issues with your apartment or company, you can also conduct fair & automated polls within your community in seconds. The society management team will be notified in real-time to assign the appropriate personnel to solve the problem.

Society Accounting

A properly functioning accounting system is essential to any society's efficient operation. Based on a fundamental accounting premise, AppSociety offers end-to-end accounting for your society that handles everything from invoicing to receipts to other payments. You can trust AppSociety for all the accounting needs of your society.

Automated Maintenance Billing

It is a hassle to make bills for maintenance and then manually deliver them to each member of society to get their contribution. AppSociety makes it easy for you. It generates bills in no time and sends them to each member via mail or SMS. It is even capable of calculating interests based on society's policies.

Digital Payment System

Now make your maintenance payment with just a click! AppSociety has a separate page for members to make online payments using their debit card or UPI. Users just need to enter their details, and AppSociety will transfer the payment directly to the bank account of their society.


At AppSociety, we have developed something special for you! If you are looking for a solution to make a living in an apartment or society a pleasant and convenient experience, then AppSociety is the right choice. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the app also provides an end-to-end accounting feature, which enables the management team to have complete control of the society accounts.

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