Simple & Easy Way to Manage Your Housing Society

By AppSociety | 2022-05-30

Managing a society needs collective effort and commitment. It includes multiple tasks that have to be done for the betterment of the society. One wrong decision mistake could lead to unfavourable outcomes. It takes a lot of persistence and effort to manage each aspect of the whole society. It could be even more tedious when your society includes multiple buildings and numerous apartments.

You are probably reading this article to get a simple and easy way to manage society. If so, nothing other than a society management app would work for you. A housing society has to collect maintenance, book facilities, communicate with residents, maintain assets, track staff, manage visitors, and do several other duties. Operating all the tasks manually can never be a simple method to handle any society. Hence, you need to switch to society management software to automate the task.

How Software Makes Society Management Simple?

  • Makes Data Management Easy

  • The challenge of managing society is all the more challenging for numerous residents in apartment buildings. But if you have an efficient society maintenance solution, no duty will be as difficult. We at AppSociety keep track of data, including owners, tenants, and visitors. In addition, we offer a combined accounting and taxation module that may assist you in tracking the revenue and expenditure of society money while consistently updating the books of accounts to maintain them prepared for a smooth audit process.

  • Takes Charge of Society Accounting

  • Account handling is the most complicated yet crucial aspect of society management. AppSociety's social accounts, which are developed based on fundamental accounting principles, handle the society's billing, receipts, and payments. It reduces your burden of accounts management by automating the process and also reduces human errors.

  • Allows Digital Payment

  • It is tough to visit each apartment for payments and always be available in the office to get maintenance bills and other contributions. The society management app allows members to make digital payments using their UPI or cards, saving you from hassle and time.

  • Help You Keep Data Safely

  • Not only is the practice of managing manual records challenging, but accessing them can be scary as well. You might have to search through every file and folder in your accounts department if you need to obtain a specific piece of information in some circumstances, which is a waste of time and may be useless eventually. A housing society administration software can handle this problem quite successfully. The automated society administration system aids in the upkeep of digital records that are simple to save, accessible, and safeguarded against any handling error.

    AppSociety: Manage Your Society With Just a Few Clicks!

    Now you know how simple software can reduce your stress. If you are looking for the best available option, AppSociety is the right choice. It is a cloud-based society management software that comes with necessary features for your society. You can now manage your society in just a few clicks.

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