Online Payment for Society Maintenance Bills: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

By AppSociety | 2022-06-05

To get instant receipt and instant credit to your flat ledger use online payments and remove dependency on your committee. Visiting society's office to make payments sometimes becomes challenging due to busy schedule and perhaps you could be delaying your maintenance payment because you can’t go physically to society office to make the payment.

Manual collection of payments is tedious and time-consuming for the management also. Their job is also laborious because they have to be available to collect payments, provide receipts, answer questions about payment-related complications, and maintain payment records. Eventually, it causes trouble for the members and management of society.

In this situation, e-payment for society bills is a one-stop solution for society members and management.

Online Payment System for Society Bill: Is It Difficult?

Not at all!

People these days are choosing digital payment over manual for many reasons. Most society management software like AppSociety accepts e-payments to make the process simple and convenient.

E-payment means you can efficiently pay your maintenance bills and other charges using your UPI ID, Credit Card, or Debit Card directly to your society's bank account. There is no risk associated with this; you just have to fill in the details carefully.

A society management software generates automatic receipts and invoices of your bills and sends you through email. This helps you and the administration record your payments and creates a sense of transparency.

The Benefits of Using Online Payment Method

Doing anything without benefit doesn't make sense. Online system for society bills benefits each party involved in managing society.

Benefits For Society Members

  • You can pay your bills anytime using your mobile phone without being physically available in the society.
  • There are no chances of any undesirable incidents because online payments are facilitated by banks and/or registered and certified payment providers.
  • You will get automated receipts in your email when you pay using a society management app like AppSociety.

Benefits For Society Managing Committee

  • No manual intervention, saves time for the manager or treasurer.
  • No need to manually post entries to respective accounting ledger for preparation of account books.
  • No need for manual reconciliation of member ledgers and accounts
  • ZERO errors in capturing payments


E-payments make the entire process of society's bills simple and convenient. When you use an e-payment system for society bills, you save your time and effort. AppSociety is a society management software that offers the feature of online payment. We are among the leading society management apps with the latest features. We use trusted & secured payment gateways to facilitate payments.

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