How to Choose a Society Management Software?

By AppSociety | 2022-03-01

Managing the responsibilities of a housing society can be pretty challenging as doing it efficiently demands time and energy. From accounting, visitor management, and vendor management to keeping an eye on security, these massive and time-consuming tasks can become overwhelming for the management committee. This is where society management software comes in handy. This type of software can assist the management committee in efficiently managing day-to-day operations and resolving various issues with zero errors.

A housing society has an endless list of requirements, such as repairs and maintenance of society assets, financial record keeping, generating maintenance bills, sending public or unit-specific notices and visitor entries, and so on. For years, most of these tasks were performed manually. Still, thanks to technology, there are special tools that can easily handle these daunting tasks like a pro, making life easier, safer, and more convenient for everyone living in a gated community. These are known as society management software. With workload in residential communities growing in size year after year, having housing management software is essential, but selecting the right fit for your society is even more important. Before choosing society management software, let us look at the things to consider.

Crucial aspects to be considered while choosing a Society Management Software

  • Automated Billing and Accounting: Reducing manual labor is one of the primary reasons to consider implementing a society management app, especially for tasks like maintaining society accounts, keeping digital records, sending email or SMS notifications, payments, etc. It is recommended to determine whether the software is fully automated or semi-automated. This will assist you in determining how much workforce is still required. The more automated the functions are, the easier it will be to manage a society.
  • App and Dashboard Accessibility: Ensure that the software you choose can be accessed from a smartphone app and mobile browser. This will allow you to access society-related information at any time and location and use the various features in real-time easily and at your leisure.
  • Training and Handholding: Ensure that the software provider conducts training sessions to demonstrate how to use the product. Also, ensure the training session includes residents, security guards, and the management committee. This aids in learning how to use the product effectively. If you have any further questions, you must request a single point of contact.
  • Simple User-Interface (UI): Nobody enjoys complicated things, and the whole point of implementing society management software is to make everyone's life easier. Furthermore, not everyone who would handle it would be tech-savvy. As a result, the more straightforward the user interface, the more approachable it will be for people. Ensure that everyone, whether security guards, residents, or committee members, can easily navigate the app or desktop.
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