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By AppSociety | 2022-07-05

Everyone in urban areas desires to live in gated communities and housing societies for many reasons. These societies run smoothly with mutual commitments. With the advent of the latest software technologies, gated societies are heading towards digital solutions for society's management. When it comes to choosing the best housing society management system, the options vary. For those looking for a software or mobile-based application for society management, AppSociety is the one-stop solution.

The purpose of apps for housing societies is to automate a variety of functions for both inhabitants and society management. A housing society app can make your life easier, including granting visitors access, scheduling amenities, and keeping track of bill payments.

Start Your Journey Now with AppSociety!

AppSociety is developed with all the required features, bringing ease to the management and members of the society. You can get the mobile application of AppSociety via Playstore or your default browser, and it can be accessed on Android and iOS.

The user does not require professional training to access, function, and use AppSociety. All the options and features can easily be operated once your society is registered with us.

To start your management journey on the best app for housing society management systems, you need to set up your society with us. And it's just like having a piece of cake, and simple and Easy!

Your account will be set up on AppSociety in 4 simple steps. In the first step, you will be asked to fill in details like:

  • The name of your society
  • Address & Pincode
  • City and,
  • Number of wings and units of the society

After that, the user may proceed to the second step. Here, the user will have to give information about the society's building, wings, and floors. Furthermore, in the third step, you will see an interface where you will be requested to fill in the number of units of the particular wings and floors.

After completing the process, finally, you are at the final step. Here AppSociety requests you to fill in the admin's information, like name, mobile number, and email address. Then you need to click on the tap 'get your AppSociety code,' and you will receive a code via email. And congrats!

You are all set, and you can now access every available feature.

Worried About Data Security?

Don't worry! Your data is entirely secure with AppSociety until and unless you share your credential with any unknown person. Only the admin can share access with others; hence, he is responsible for sharing it only with the managing committee and society members. We hope this won't happen, but if you decide to leave AppSociety, we will give all your data back.

Wrapping Up

AppSociety is not just a software; it's your partner in housing society management! It keeps you ahead in society management with advanced end-to-end accounting, visitor management, conduct poll, digital payment, and other automated features. We keep updating new features per the feedback and recommendations from our clients.

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