Refer & Earn

AppSociety envisages to grow together with its family of users who are the most valuable asset for AppSociety. AppSociety users have helped us reach out to more than 5000 users thus far and we are pleased to introduce this Referral program to reward our family members.

3-step Referral benefit

  1. You send us contact details of a society interested in taking a giant leap towards becoming a smart society.
  2. We reach out to you and the prospective society and work with them to setup an instance of AppSociety.
  3. Once the prospective society confirms AppSociety subscription and pays yearly subscription fees, you start getting your referral benefit directly to your bank account.

Broad Terms & Conditions

  1. You shall get the referral benefit every year till the time the society referred by you uses AppSociety.
  2. The money is directly credited to your bank account every month after release of payment by the society referred by you.
  3. The total referral benefit is computed as 15% of the standard rates (excluding GST) as mentioned on the Pricing page, or Rs. 12,000/- a year, whichever is less.
  4. The total referral benefit is divided into 12 EMIs and every EMI shall be credited on 7th working day of every month. For example, if your total referral benefit is Rs. 12,000/-, you shall receive Rs. 1000/- on 7th working day of every month till the time the society referred by you is subscribed to AppSociety.
  5. If we receive more than one reference for a society, only the reference received first shall be considered.

Just fill out your reference below and we will get back to you soon! Or Send us an email on